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From one Dad to another, thank you.

from Jordan Rich, WBZ Radio Boston

“David Perkins expresses so poignantly what so many parents feel. It was an honor sharing the story of Dear Austin with my listeners, many of whom commented that the interview moved them to better communicate with their children. The book inspired me to write a letter to my 18-year old son, one of the most important letters I will ever compose. From one Dad to another, thank you David.”

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Thank You Cleveland SAS

I just want to say hello, and welcome, to all of you who are a part of the Cleveland SAS fund raiser. I had a wonderful evening speaking to the SAS meeting tonight. It was a great group, almost an even mix of parents and students, and a good discussion broke out after I babbled for about 30 minutes. Thanks for allowing me to participate in your meeting. It was an honor to be invited.

Thanks also for being here, and for participating in the promotion to help your SAS program at Cleveland. I hope it's a huge success. Spread the word. Please feel free to click on the “comments” link above to leave your thoughts, or use the Contact page. I'm always happy to get feedback on the fund raiser, the book, or just your feelings on any topic related to parenting teenagers, or the discussion earlier this evening.

Please browse the site, leave your comments, and come back often to keep the discussions going.

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