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David M. Perkins

About the Author

David M. Perkins spent over thirty years as a telecine colorist in the motion picture and television industry in Los Angeles. He is a writer, and became a member of the Writers Guild of America, west in 1988. But mostly, he’s a father and a husband.

He currently lives, with his wife and son, in Southern California where he owns and directs a digital marketing agency. You will find more of his writing on his blog at www.dmperkins.com

Personal Appearances

David M. Perkins is a frequent speaker at parent, teacher, and student groups at high schools, churches, community centers and other venues. His message explores the potential minefield that often materializes in the 12 to 24 months leading up to a child leaving home, and how parents and young adult children can successfully navigate this crossroads with minimum emotional upheaval.

David is available for book signings, personal appearances, and special events. If you're interested in having him address your PTA, PTSA, SAS, or other parent/teacher/student organization, please use the Contact form on this site, or email him at david@davidmperkins.com


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