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From one Dad to another, thank you.

from Jordan Rich, WBZ Radio Boston

“David Perkins expresses so poignantly what so many parents feel. It was an honor sharing the story of Dear Austin with my listeners, many of whom commented that the interview moved them to better communicate with their children. The book inspired me to write a letter to my 18-year old son, one of the most important letters I will ever compose. From one Dad to another, thank you David.”

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

by David Salaun

“Dear Austin just arrived in the mail and I read it immediately. Now, my tears spot some of the pages. I have had all of the thoughts and feelings you wrote, about being a father. I don't have the same writing skills to put them to paper as you have done.

My youngest son and last to leave, Zackary, is about to graduate from Marine Corps boot camp. I will give him your book to read on the flight home, March 12. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Will have a direct impact on my son's life.

by David Cisneros

“I just finished reading Dear Austin and I was truly amazed. As the father of an 8 year old boy, I know how critical it is that the things I do in front of him, the way I conduct myself, the values I instill in him, will become a part of his personality, his morality, and his individuality.

But, as I read this book, I found so many pieces that are missing in what I am teaching him, things I need to focus on, things that I take for granted.

Thank you, David, for writing this and for sharing it with the world. I know that I will take what you wrote and it will have a direct impact on my life, but more importantly, my son's life.”

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I could feel the spirit of love.

from The Unread Reader

“Dear Austin – A Letter To My Son is a beautiful and touching letter from father to son; one in which I could feel the spirit of love soaring through the pages. The letter, which includes many family pictures, made me cry but also made me smile.

I'm not a parent yet, but despite my shortcoming and apprehensions, I hope to be one someday, and Perkins' letter to his son offered me a comfort I cannot repay, one of encouragement and strength.

I'd like to offer Mr. Perkins my sincerest gratitude for allowing me to review Dear Austin. The personal feelings shared through the letter were very memorable.”

The entire review is available at The Unread Reader

A priceless touchstone

by Karen Levin Coburn, Senior Consultant in Residence, Washington University
Co-author of Letting Go: A Parents’ Guide to Understanding the College Years

“Dear Austin is a gem, and Austin is a very fortunate young man. Your words of wisdom and loving thoughts provide a priceless touchstone as you encourage him to find his way, not follow yours. The photos, though unique to your family, evoke memories and smiles of recognition in all of us who have raised children.

I wish you well with your book and hope it finds its way into the hands of many parents who are launching their sons and daughters — deepening connection while letting go.”

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What a touching, heartfelt read! Amazing advice!

by Gina Callaway

“I just wanted to let you know I received my paperback copy of your book tonight. I'd just finished working a 12 hour shift and just started flipping through it really quickly, not really intending to read it just yet. The cover and the sentimental pictures sucked me in right away. Then, after reading your “From the Author” intro, I knew I had to read it right then … I couldn't wait … (even though I was tired). And …

WOW!!!! I don't really even have a decent set of words to string together which could even remotely represent how much I LOVED this! My only disappointment was I didn't have this copy sooner, I would have given it to my son when we dropped him off for college four years ago.

What a touching, heartfelt read! Amazing advice! Thanks so much for sharing … you really spoke to my heart.”

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Will be savored long after finishing the last page.

from DCMetroreader

“Dear Austin is one of those rare books that both parents and young adults will appreciate. The prose is sparse, but penetrating and straightforward. In fact, I re-read a few of the passages because I wanted to reflect further on them.

Dear Austin is easily digested in one sitting, but will be savored long after finishing the last page. In this slim book Perkins has managed to distill the essence of a fulfilling life.

I wish Dear Austin had been around when my son left for college. I highly recommend it to other parents in similar transitional periods!”

The entire review is available at DCMetroreader

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You’ve made me think. You’ve touched my heart.

by Barney W. Ash

“Have you ever regretted allowing an important event or moment to pass without making note or comment, then later thinking; “I wish I'd said something. Anything!”?

David Perkins has done a rare and remarkable thing in sharing this rather personal and heartfelt letter to his son, Austin. David has modeled for us “modern” dads what it means to open our hearts and to put into words what we are really thinking.

In this little book, filled with pictures that reveal the history and intimacy of a relationship gone ‘right,' we are reminded of just how important and how strong the bond between Father and Son is – and always will be. David has said what I wish I'd heard from my father and what I wish my son had heard from me. He has managed to advise without preaching, show concern without fear and, most of all, give the encouragement that only a loving father can and should supply.

Thank you, David, for making this letter public. You've made me think. You've touched my heart. You've helped me be aware of how important a few words fitly spoken can be.  Just maybe, you've helped me be a better father by showing me how it's done.”

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Sound advice to suit any young person.

by Bette Sargent

“A book beautifully written with sound advice to suit any young person and written in a way that is not judgmental. I found a few tears in my eyes. Austin is a lucky young man and the same is true for David. This is a book that you will want to read and reread, and I must say the photos are outstanding. Really shows his personality. I would like to meet both of you.”

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A must have for all parents.

by Peggy Lohr

5-Star rating

“This book is a MUST HAVE for all parents and for the children they love. It is so beautifully written…really straight from the heart. The first time I read this book it moved me to tears. It was exactly what I wanted to say to my own sons, but could never find the right words. I recommend it as a keepsake for yourself and everyone you know. “

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