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From one Dad to another, thank you.

from Jordan Rich, WBZ Radio Boston

“David Perkins expresses so poignantly what so many parents feel. It was an honor sharing the story of Dear Austin with my listeners, many of whom commented that the interview moved them to better communicate with their children. The book inspired me to write a letter to my 18-year old son, one of the most important letters I will ever compose. From one Dad to another, thank you David.”

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Special Holiday Sale on Facebook

A special offer is currently available to followers of our Facebook page. From now until Christmas, you will enjoy a generous discount on the paperback edition of Dear Austin – A Letter To My Son, as well as two FREE digital bonus books. Click below to see complete details on our Facebook page. Select the “Holiday Sale” tab when you get to Facebook. Thanks for visiting, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Special Arts Review

Hometown News Includes Dear Austin
in Annual Special

Azle New jpeg

The Azle News, a small regional newspaper in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of North Central Texas, published its 20th Annual Celebration of the Art and Artists in our Community on November 11, 2010. Included in this annual special section on the arts is a generous article by Carolea Hassard about Dear Austin – A Letter To My Son.

I'm grateful to Bob Buckel, publisher of The Azle News, and to Carolea Hassard, writer/reporter for including me along with dozens of talented artists, writers, and performers who live in and around Azle, Texas. While I grew up in Azle, graduated from high school there, and still have close friends and family in the area, I haven't actually lived there for many years. So it was particularly kind of them to allow me to be counted among all these wonderful Azle artists.

Most visitors to this site will not have had access to this regional publication so I have posted the article, including the photographs, here on this site. Or click the image above to see a scanned image of the original article.

Dear Austin has a Facebook page

David M. Perkins, and Dear Austin – A Letter To My Son, can now be found on Facebook. We'd appreciate you clicking the link below, and clicking the “Like” button on our page. The more followers we have on Facebook, the faster our message gets spread. Thanks for your help.

David M. Perkins on Facebook

Will be savored long after finishing the last page.

from DCMetroreader

“Dear Austin is one of those rare books that both parents and young adults will appreciate. The prose is sparse, but penetrating and straightforward. In fact, I re-read a few of the passages because I wanted to reflect further on them.

Dear Austin is easily digested in one sitting, but will be savored long after finishing the last page. In this slim book Perkins has managed to distill the essence of a fulfilling life.

I wish Dear Austin had been around when my son left for college. I highly recommend it to other parents in similar transitional periods!”

The entire review is available at DCMetroreader

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KPCC Los Angeles Interview Done

The interview on AirTalk with Larry Mantle went off without any problems today. The previous segment ran a little long, which left less time for the “velcro parents” segment, but it was a worthwhile discussion nonetheless. The other in-studio guest was Barbara J. Avery, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Occidental College in Los Angeles, a lovely lady who expressed a strong interest in getting Dear Austin – A Letter To My Son into her student handout packet. Today's host was David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times.

You can listen to a replay of this segment HERE.

WBZ Boston Interview Postponed

The interview scheduled for September 4th on WBZ News Radio Boston has been rescheduled for Friday night/Saturday morning September 10-11. The time is not set, but will be between Midnight and 4:00am Eastern time.

The reason for the move was hurricane Earl, which was predicted to hit the Massachusetts coast at approximately the same time I was scheduled to hit the airwaves. WBZ decided that Earl was more important to its listeners. I certainly can't argue with that.

I will post the airtime for the rescheduled interview on this site as soon as I know it. The interview will also be posted here as soon as it is available. Thanks for the emails and messages of encouragement.

You’ve made me think. You’ve touched my heart.

by Barney W. Ash

“Have you ever regretted allowing an important event or moment to pass without making note or comment, then later thinking; “I wish I'd said something. Anything!”?

David Perkins has done a rare and remarkable thing in sharing this rather personal and heartfelt letter to his son, Austin. David has modeled for us “modern” dads what it means to open our hearts and to put into words what we are really thinking.

In this little book, filled with pictures that reveal the history and intimacy of a relationship gone ‘right,' we are reminded of just how important and how strong the bond between Father and Son is – and always will be. David has said what I wish I'd heard from my father and what I wish my son had heard from me. He has managed to advise without preaching, show concern without fear and, most of all, give the encouragement that only a loving father can and should supply.

Thank you, David, for making this letter public. You've made me think. You've touched my heart. You've helped me be aware of how important a few words fitly spoken can be.  Just maybe, you've helped me be a better father by showing me how it's done.”

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Sound advice to suit any young person.

by Bette Sargent

“A book beautifully written with sound advice to suit any young person and written in a way that is not judgmental. I found a few tears in my eyes. Austin is a lucky young man and the same is true for David. This is a book that you will want to read and reread, and I must say the photos are outstanding. Really shows his personality. I would like to meet both of you.”

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A must have for all parents.

by Peggy Lohr

5-Star rating

“This book is a MUST HAVE for all parents and for the children they love. It is so beautifully written…really straight from the heart. The first time I read this book it moved me to tears. It was exactly what I wanted to say to my own sons, but could never find the right words. I recommend it as a keepsake for yourself and everyone you know. “

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