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You’ve made me think. You’ve touched my heart.

by Barney W. Ash

“Have you ever regretted allowing an important event or moment to pass without making note or comment, then later thinking; “I wish I'd said something. Anything!”?

David Perkins has done a rare and remarkable thing in sharing this rather personal and heartfelt letter to his son, Austin. David has modeled for us “modern” dads what it means to open our hearts and to put into words what we are really thinking.

In this little book, filled with pictures that reveal the history and intimacy of a relationship gone ‘right,' we are reminded of just how important and how strong the bond between Father and Son is – and always will be. David has said what I wish I'd heard from my father and what I wish my son had heard from me. He has managed to advise without preaching, show concern without fear and, most of all, give the encouragement that only a loving father can and should supply.

Thank you, David, for making this letter public. You've made me think. You've touched my heart. You've helped me be aware of how important a few words fitly spoken can be.  Just maybe, you've helped me be a better father by showing me how it's done.”

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