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How did you say "Goodbye?"

Thanks so much for the emails following the AirTalk show on KPCC. I got several wonderful messages from parents who offered ways of saying goodbye to their college-bound children that I had not thought of.

A woman in Michigan wrote that she sat down a few days after her son left for school, and recorded a video “letter” in which she wished him love and success, and cautioned him about some of the things that worried her.

Another mom wrote that she left a message on her daughter's iPod. Clever idea, but what if she always listens in shuffle mode, and it never comes up?

How did you say goodbye to your college student? Click the “comments” link above, and let us know if you have any thoughts on the subject. Maybe we can spread a few new ideas around that will help parents get through this period a little easier.

If you're a departing college student, what would you like to hear from your parents, and how would you like to receive it?

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