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Back to School – Again

Second time is not much easier.

We deposited Austin in his new dorm room on Saturday, and headed back home. He was excited to be back at school, and anxious to see all the friends he's missed since the end of his freshman year. His mother, Ryan, and I, however, found ourselves in a familiar place – mildly bummed. After having him at home for a couple of months, it was hard to see him go again. Not quite as painful as it was last year, but only slightly better.

Still, it was a moment to be proud. He has become a wonderful young man. Someone I'd be happy to call a friend if I had just met him. He will be fine. It's Ryan and I who will have to adjust again. It's something we share with all parents in this particular boat. Letting go. Doing what we're supposed to do as good parents. But, not liking it one bit!

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