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What we all should have heard from our dads.

from The New Book Review

by Ruth Buzzi, Actress-Comedienne

5-Star rating

“Taking parenting to a new level, this book expresses what we all should have heard from our Dads when we first left home.

My Dad encouraged me to follow my dreams and, at the age of 17, put me on a plane to California to attend college at the Pasadena Playhouse for the Performing Arts. Some were skeptical, some laughed at my intentions. But Dad gave me the honor of trusting my judgment and loving me enough to let me go and follow my dreams. I was the first member of my family to have ever flown on an airplane, and had never even been away at summer camp.

Five decades later, I have a wonderful career behind me and not only lots of wonderful memories, a few nice recognitions of my work including the Television Hall of Fame, a Golden Globe award and 5 Emmy nominations. It didn't happen overnight, it took a few years….but the first day I was actually on national television as a comedic actress on the Garry Moore Show was, tragically, the same day we buried my Dad. A wonderful, thoughtful and insightful man, Angelo Buzzi is still with me, to this day, with his words of inspiration and encouragement.

The author of this book shares with the reader a parting letter with his son, who's also going off to college for the first time, and these are words of wisdom, brutal honesty, and encouragement in the stark light of reality. This book took me back to the day at the airport when I hugged my Dad and thanked him for believing in me. His words helped make me what I am today, and I'm sure Austin will set his goals very high and reach a great many of them, based on the way his father empowered him with this letter.

I strongly recommend this – it's a perfect gift for anyone graduating from college or high school, or for any parent you may know who holds the reigns a little too tightly on someone with great potential but who's not blessed with enough freedom to learn to fly.”

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This is the letter we all wanted.

from Amazon.com

by Karen C. Mead, “A Peaceful Path”

5-Star rating

“When I read this, my first thought was what an amazing gift to a child.  And then I realized that it is a gift to us all – the opportunity to read a parent's loving advice, given without the usual pompous authority, but words that are straight from David's heart. Yes, he has a definite viewpoint, but it comes from experience and the sincere wish for his son to do well.

We all need this genuine desire for our success in our lives.”

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The perfect gift of words.

from Amazon.com

by DiAnne Haberer

5-Star rating

“I tried so many times over the years to put into words things that I wanted to say to my child. All the emotions were there, however the ability to put them on paper was not. Your words are a gift to other parents with my same disability.

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt letter. Although my daughter is grown and has learned so much of this on her own, I will definitely share this book with my grandsons and my friends who have children in their lives.”

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Thank you for sharing.

by S. Hartwig

“I have two sons, and this letter has really hit close to home. I recommended my sons both read it, as they have sons. I have sent it to several friends who I know would find this well worth reading. Love and respect of family are things almost all of us have in common. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful letter.”

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Truly wonderful.

by J. Grayson

“Your words are truly wonderful. I talked like this to my husband during his last days on this earth. We talked about all the things we had done, and what he wanted us to carry on and do. If we had done this more in the years we were married we would have been a better couple, and parents too.

I guess we all wait until ‘that special moment' to express our true feelings when we should make a note to ourselves to do this more often. I commend you on your beautiful, encouraging, and loving words to your son.”

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Such a bittersweet time.

by Janie

“Thank you for sharing the letter to Austin.  I have one son, born in 1992, who is doing the college app thing now, and your letter felt like reading a summation of the thoughts I have as I contemplate his leaving home for this next phase of his life. As you said, such a bittersweet time. I wouldn't deprive him of it for the world, but … he has been my world for so long that it's pretty hard to just say, “Okay then – go ahead out there.”  But I remember that my Mom let me go, and I know that good parents don't hang on longer than what is right.

Like the butterfly that you release, it comes back to you, right?”
With appreciation,

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by N. Calvert

“Bravo! I am truly impressed with your writing, compassion, love of child, and wise advice. If I was using your letter to give to my son, I would change very little, if anything. Your son is a very lucky young man.

Again, bravo!”

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Beautiful. Touching.

by Kent P.

“Beautiful. Touching. Your letter to Austin is a testament to your innate skills as a father. You are smarter than most, and use that intelligence to cut through the crap most parents dish out to their children. You brought him a message from the heart, a message of acceptance and reassurance. I’d have given anything for a letter like that from anyone, just once, as I first struggled with the responsibilities and choices of adulthood.”

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Great writing.

by M. Grau

“As I watch my oldest son maturing, and venturing further and further away for longer periods of time, I realize we too are in our preparation period. He has a quick two years before college. So much that you said echoes what I've thought, felt, regretted, or celebrated about my precious time with him. Great writing.”

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A twinge In my brain.

by A. Grofsky

“When I read what you have written, I felt a twinge in my brain.  It brought back memories of myself in the same position, only saying many of the same words but never putting them to paper.  What you wrote is fantastic and should be available to all.”

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